Sunday, December 4, 2011

Paperwork, my nemesis

I watch the mail carrier as he brings an entire armload of junk mail up my walkway. I know I should sort it all the minute it arrives. Of course that’s what I should do. That's what you do, right? But I don’t. In fact I have been known to walk right past our overflowing mailbox, several times in the same day. I just can't bring myself to carry it in. 

Why, you may ask?

Paperwork. There are few things I hate more than paperwork. I have tried many different methods to deal with it. Nothing works.

My current system is baskets. Granted they are lovely baskets. They are baskets that I have driven all the way out to the Container store to purchase. They are baskets that where not cheap to buy. They are baskets that I had to make room for in my house.

I now have lovely large expensive baskets, which are full of big ugly piles of paperwork.
*big sigh* Sadly they are not magic baskets.


  1. I'm with you; I'm not fond of paperwork either. I did find converting bills to get them as e-bills on the computer does cut down on a lot of paper that comes into the house. I usually sort through the mail daily and dispose of it as quickly as possible. Sadly, long story, we are living in in-laws' house (elderly parents, they are in assisted living) so we get their mail too. That is harder to dispose of....


  2. I've tried the e-bills. Obviously I haven't gotten to all of them. I just see all the mail and don't know where to start. I'm guessing little goals are to way for me to go on this. Lol

  3. My recycle bins are located in the garage, between the mailbox and the kitchen door. I toss 80% of my mail before I even touch the doorknob.

  4. Brenna: good planning. My recycling bins are around the side of the house. I may just put one on my front steps next to the mailbox. I'm desperate.
    Plus I'm sure my neighbors would love it.


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